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Let’s talk about Acrylic Nail brushes

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Whether you are a new, budding nail technician, it’s important you have the right tools to do the job.

Acrylic nail application is key so having the correct brush is important.

New nail technicians normally start with a smaller size brush e.g Size 8.

Brush sizes can range from 8-14. Smaller sizes are better for beginners because it allows them to control their acrylic bead size and consistency.

The more experienced tech opts for a larger size to pick up more product spending less time and perfecting their speed. We all know time is money!

Your perfect acrylic nail brush should have tight, packed bristles which allows for optimal acrylic liquid to powder ratio retention.

The handle should be sturdy and comfortable. The brush should be firm and not loose. Your bristles should not be soft either.

Once you properly take care of your brush it should last you a number of years. Natural hairs are most popular, however Kolinsky hairs mixed with other fibres that create a compact brush work just as well.

a brush that is too soft will not work at all to pick up your acrylic.

As a nail technician uses different brushes and get a feel for what feels right for you. As you progress you can always move up in size!

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