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Money or Wealth??

From a young age you actually start to learn about money. Some parents like mine encouraged us to save with piggy banks, some did not. In total we all knew that to afford at least the basics you needed money.

Wealth is not something most people are taught from young unless you were very fortunate to have been born into a privileged life.

Money as we know is a physical or digital item used for the exchange of goods or service. (my own definition)

Wealth is having not only lots of money and assets but how long you can live without the daily or monthly ways of gaining money. Being wealthy is someone who is not weighed down by debts.

You could have lots of money, but if each month you have to shell out as much as you make then you aren’t wealthy.

Wealthy is extremely comfortable.

When I learnt the difference my mindset changed and I started to make plans on how to achieve that type of lifestyle. I have been creating ways for a while now to teach entrepreneurs to not only make lots of money but to push the envelope further and become comfortable and wealth.

If this is something you want to achieve “Comment on this post.”

Later days!!

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