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My favourite setting powders

Happy Sunday!

I use 2 #settingpowders in my #makeup routine.

First : #Fentybeauty pro filtr powder, #hazelnut. This has a very #soft, finely milled texture which really sets my makeup for me and completes my makeup look. What I like is the size as well, this powder will last you a long time. No flashback, no white cast. The #colour is true but does not overwhelm or change the colour of your makeup. This particular shade is great for brown-skinned people with yellow, orange #undertones. I truly love it!

Second : Is #Bennye Banana Luxury setting powde. This brand and powder is the powder that set and started the #trend of setting your #undereye, the #baking trend and now setting the lighter colour you use as your #highlight. This powder sets underneath my eyes perfectly. This lasts a long time and is great for light-skinned individuals with a yellow undertone. Helps give a good contrast for your highlight but if applied correctly is not too stark. Less is more with this powder.

Setting powders are the one product that you lasts a while, you don’t need to use heavy amounts and really gives your makeup that finished look.

What are your favourite setting powders?

Comment and let me know!

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