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Strip Lashes or Lash Extensions?

I’m back!!

Let‘s get into this topic!

Strip Lashes

These can be applied and removed at a moment’s notice. They are made with a band and come in a variety of styles some subtle, some dramatic. These are DIY lashes , your friend or your makeup artist can apply them

What I love about them is the fact that I can wear them for just that special occasion and they easy to remove. You can apply them yourself. They can be reworn and are reasonably priced.

My pet peeve is they can take some time to apply them and if not applied properly they can fall off and ruin your look or make your eyes look weird if not applied properly.

Eyelash extensions

These have to be applied by a trained technician and they last up to 4 weeks. Your lash tech can tailor your look accordingly to suit your needs. They look like the real thing since they are individually placed on each eyelash. I truly love them.

My problems with them: application time takes long, they can cost a lot to be applied, sometimes finding a good eyelash technician is a problem, if you have oily skin they don’t last as long. To maintain eyelash extensions all the time requires money and good budgeting because you should get a refill every 3-4 weeks. That cost adds up.

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