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How I packed my makeup for my trip to Canada?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Planned a short trip to Niagara Falls and I wanted a secure container to house some makeup.

I wasn’t planning on packing a lot of makeup so I found a clear, sturdy, see through packaging so I can monitor if there was any spilling or damage to my makeup.

To pack I wrapped the covers with clear tape or you can use masking tape, this will secure the contents and so the covers will not come off.

I sourced some clear containers from Amazon where I attached the link below. These containers are clear, see through, sturdy and foldable containers. These come with a zip and they are rectangular in shape. Held my makeup securely and my contents are intact.

I hope this post helps! If you are interested I have attached a link below!

Have a productive day today!

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