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I got a pimple. Noooo update

This is Day 3, my pimple got quite large and it hurt with a bit of bruising as you can see.

Truthfully, I used the Mario Badescu Anti acne serum at least 4 times per day over the past 3 days. The night before my pimple hurt so much because it was pulling my skin taunt so I squeezed it a bit. The bruise began to form around day 1, but squeezing this huge pimple gave me a bit of relief from the tightness and pain.

The anti acne serum I would say brought some of it to the surface but it also seemed to unclog my pores as well. After the pus came out I used the serum and I must say it has been drying up nicely. So I am loving this serum.

Today I have started using a new line of products to help with future breakouts, shrink and clean my pores and rid me of my dark marks. Today is Day 1 I will provide a review on my journey soon!

Peep my results almost gone!

Have a great day!! #mariobadescu #pimplebegone #pimples #darkmarks #darkspots #blemishes #ridmypimples #shrinkmypores #oilyskingirlproblems #blackskin #goodskincoming #workingonme #realbeautubdsblog #saturday #follow #subscribe

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