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I got a pimple!!! Nooooo!!

This morning I got up after I felt that a pimple was a coming sigh.....

So I used my Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum, I used this serum a couple of times before and on the smaller pimples it really does the job and dries them up quickly only issue is, it’s a small product and it’s $20 USD which is $40 Bds (Barbados dollars) for 1 fl oz. (photo in the previous blog post)

I live in Barbados which is a Caribbean country and has a tropical climate. Btw.

What I like about this product is the gel consistency and there is no slight burning sensation which before I used to take that as it’s working lol.

So this morning to help along this major pimple cause this one seems to be a big one coming I decided to wash my face with the cleanser I use, scrub with exfoliating gloves with a complexion soap and do a mask.

Today‘s mask is the Estée Lauder Nightime Detox Mask will post a pic.

I actually like this mask it calms down my skin and feels not greasy or oily and has a clay type texture.

I don’t use things that are greasy on my skin because it only gives me more pimples. As I have mentioned before I have extremely oily skin. One other thing I do is to wash my pillows in my chair and bed regularly. I have oily skin and I sweat in my head constantly which doesn’t help my situation at all.

So I will give you an update on how this pimple is going.

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