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Is Red One the one?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Happy new year!!!!

How did you spend your holidays? I totally enjoyed myself!

Now, Red One hair wax is similar to #edgecontrol or #Jam. You know my battle with finding a product that really keeps my #naturalhair nice and flat, with that #slick look. I prefer these to #gel because gels always cause dryness and damage to my #hair. These types of products don’t.

The first one I tried was the Red version and all I have to say is that my hair laughed at it! Didn’t hold my hair in for very long. The Red version is supposed to be full force smh!

I am on to the grey version which I have been using for a while. It does a better job at holding in my hair and for longer.

What I look for in these types of products? It must have a firm consistency in the container, so while I am in the store I check the consistency and texture. If it’s jelly like and soft then it’s not going to hold my hair for sure!

#Redone has that type of #texture and consistency and I want to try all the #colours to see which one works best on my hair so you will see an update on the other colours but for now the grey one works.

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what was your experience. Leave a comment!

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