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Doing my own hair - Faux locs edition

Faux locs has been trending for at least 5 years now. It’s a wonderful protective style in a hairstyle that has been around for a very long time. Growing up in the #Caribbean, especially in #Barbados seeing #Rastas is a norm.

So wearing that hairstyle without the long term commitment of actually changing my hair is sooo cool!

Ok. The #fauxlocs actually take a while to do. I did a bob and big like a bongo type with some curly ends.

The second time I attempted The first time I tried to attempt a #butterflyloc where it’s not a structured loc but with some #texture to it. It was a bob as well. This hairstyle takes some time to do. I used water wave crotchet hair to achieve this look.

My most recent attempt was a more structured thinner loc with is being called soft locs. a lighter version which I love. I used the same #waterwave #crotchet hair to achieve this look.

I am getting better at it. My last attempt took me 2 days lol.

This is because I did them from scratch. Lucky for me new inventions are made everyday so the next time I will be using pre-made #softlocs to cut down on my application time.

But for right now I am enjoying my #locs which I have had since Nov 1, so I am hoping to keep them in for 1 month. But as you know my #hair gets #fuzzy quickly that’s just the type of hair I have but I will battle on for 1 month.

Do you like faux locs?

Have you even installed your own?

How long do you keep them in for?

Comment below and let me know

Until next time!

Later dayz!

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