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Spa day at Premier 57

While on my trip to New York my cousin and I decided that for her birthday we would do a spa!!

Granted I have never done a spa day before so I didn’t know what to expect. Most of the time I either do my self care myself or go to smaller businesses to treat myself and I have certainly have not had a facial done in years!

So why not???

When we arrived it was just a serene, beautiful feeling, there were separate lockers for our shoes and clothing. We were given robes and we went into the relaxing warm pool with a variety of jets to target different parts of our body!!!

This was sooooo great!!! Jets to massage and target my lower back which I have some trouble with at times, jets for my feet, thighs and legs, jets for your body and neck! Plus the water was at a very warm temperature which was so relaxing and bubbly!!! Next we went on the rooftop because yes this sauna was in a building at the top so there were small jacuzzi tubes on the roof with warm baths!!!! Loved it!!!

After we meditated in the meditation room. “No noise please.” This was just lovely and soothing. Afterwards we took in the saunas which helped kill time to our facials. They had about 5/6 different types of saunas- one which light using different colours, one with gold, a cold sauna, a soil sauna and so much more! I tried about 2 or so to sweat out any toxins and release any tensions!

Who knew that in the midst of the city was such a tranquil place??

Lastly were our facials which I must say was such a pleasant experience. Next blog will be about the facials I promise!!!

If you are in New York I would recommend this sp, it is a bit pricey but worth it!!!

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