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Why I MICROBLADED my brows?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I always had light brows so I took the leap after lots of researc, looking at people’s work and I got my brows done by Shauna O!

She was very professional and explained the whole process and I was involved in creating a shape that I was comfortable with fir my brows because as a makeup artist doing my face I know which brow shape looks best on me!

When she was finished I was elated with the result. I did this as I said I have light and sparse brows and it cuts down on my makeup time. Plus gives me the benefit of going makeup less more. Being a businesswoman my days are quite hectic and this is a plus for me.

After the healing period I have loved my brows ever day and it just completes and compliments my face more.

Me with healed brows- 7 months

Me with my natural brow

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