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Summer & Acne

This #summer has not been kind to me at all.

My #acne has flared up in the worse way.

I constantly had pimples and I was so upset, that I was thinking some of my favourite skincare weren’t working any longer.

However I kept at it. I have managed to calm down my skin with a lot of thought and detective work, I had to stop using hair wax, edge control and all those products which claim to hold in your hair.

Against the #Barbadian heat these products are no match. They melt and run directly into your skin especially your face and back and cause pimples in the worst way.

So I have been rocking my frizzy hair , even washing it more often. I sweat in my head so I need to keep my #scalp clean.

This week was a good one, no new pimples, just getting rid of the old ones.

I have also been using cleansing wipes during the day, when I can’t get to wash my face.

From #beautyformulas, these are just divine!!

Comment and let me know if you have been getting these issues as well!

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