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Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint strengthening Edge Gel

Hey 👋🏾 Real Beauties!

It’s summer in Barbados and I have been struggling along with many others to find quality gels, edge controls for natural hair and obtaining sleek hairstyles.

I have had to retire a number of products like Red One and other gels because they have caused my scalp to become dry and of course I live in a tropical country and the products melt and run into my face which caused me to have terrible breakouts.

I went a whole month without putting any type of #gel,#edge control, holding wax in my hair. Of course I was walking around the other fuzzy hair.

Recently I heard good things about #Mielle so I am trying their edge gel. So I am in my second day of using it.

So far it holds my hair, I used a slight amount the first day, didn’t hold my hair so long.

Today I used way more #product so let’s see how it holds.

One #petpeeve of this product, it’s only 2 oz!!

It’s definitely too small ! Especially for ladies with #thick , #long #natural hair like mine.

So far it’s an okay hold at least my hair is not as fuzzy.

But I will give an update a couple of days. Have a great weekend!

Later dayz!

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