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Types of Brow products, which one should you use?

We all know a great brow really forms a face. With so many brow products on the market, how do you know which type you should use.

Let me break it down:

Brow pencils are easy to use, suitable for beginners to the professionals. If you know how to use a pencil then you know how to use these. These are great for people with hardly any brows, not very hairy or brows with lots of spaces. Brow pencils are of a soft, waxy but creamy texture which allows for easy control and filling in those gaps. Maps out your brows perfectly for that defined look.

Brow gels come in a mascara tune with a brush which you just lightly brush your brows with to fill in spaces and to thicken. Also known as Brow tamers.

This product is definitely only for persons who have thicker brows that desire that fuller brow. Gives a great defined brow.

Brow powder is similar to eyeshadow and great for light, non hairy brows or those with lots of spaces. With brow powder I find it gives you a more

powder look to the brow and it is easy for newcomers to use. I personally don’t like the powdered look throughout the whole brow but if that is the look you desire then a brow powder would be the right choice

Brow pomades are similar to a gel but a little easier

to use, more flexible, is a little more suited for thicker brows but if you are more experienced

and you have sparse brows you can use brow pomades. Gives you a defined or full brow look.

Brow markers are like a pen-like tool and is very intense because it’s similar to an ink type tool. This tool I would say is really for the pros, you need a steady and precise hand to manage the Brow marker or not you end up with an entirely too thick or dark brow. If you want to achieve a very

defined brow this is a great tool. Brow wax- this is used to keep your stray hairs in place and does not contain any colour or adds colour or definition to your brow.

Which product do you use? Comment below!

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