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After wash care

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Today was my wash day. I switched up from using my previous ORS shampoo line and have been using Tresemme moisture line for a bit.

Its always good to switch up your routines. I find my hair & skin gets accustomed to one product and then it stops working.

These photos are from just after a wash and a lil towel drying and after I sometimes let the wind blow through my #hair. But in between that I am using Shea moisture Daily hydration leave in treatment & #sheamoisture shea butter extra moisture detangler.

I have always loved #Shea moisture’s products just that here they are dear (Bajan for expensive) but when I do get them they usually work. However I am really liking the daily leave in treatment.

Its not too oily and hydrates my hair just right! Too bad I only got sample sizes but I spray it in comb out my hair and plait it in some granny plaits ( Bajan term for #bigplaits).

I even use the leave in treatment to grease my scal, I am pleased with how my scalp isn’t too oily when I use it because I don’t want greasy products running into my face which cause #acne for me.

This is my hair all moisturised and tucked away! #teamnatural

Shea moisturise detangler

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