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Wash your hair like a pro!

We all think we know how to wash our hair!

I mean it’s like duh! Easy right??

Wrong! A lot of us use the wrong products and wash our hair incorrectly.

To wash your hair, you must first remove all the gunk it has accumulated, all the oils, hair product, gel, mousse, just everything to get it fresh and squeaky clean.

This should go without saying but I hope no one washes their hair with soap right???

To remove all the gunk and product buildup from your hair you need a clarifying shampoo. This removes all the buildup. A clarifying shampoo

is normally labelled clarifying or neutralising shampoo, even look for one that says removes product buildup in the label.

Next you need a moisturising shampoo, to replace all the moisture removed by the clarifying shampoo.

Last but not least a good conditioner.

It is advised to stay within the same brand because most brands are designed to work with each other.

However if you found different products work for you. This is all trial and error, test and see what works on your hair.

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