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Best oils for an itchy scalp

For quite some time now. I have had an itchy scalp. This happens when you allow your scalp to get too dry. Or you may have patches or areas of your scalp which are naturally dry or a dandruff problem.

Once upon a time I had a dandruff problem but it’s not so bad now but I do have parts of my scalp where I don’t remember to pay attention to as much as the others. on My head it happens mostly on the middle. But there is one area at the front which still gets a dandruff issue.

So the oils I use to help is tea tree oil which is an antiseptic and anti inflammatory I always mix my tea tree with some other type of oil such as coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil. These will add moisture to these areas and they also help promote a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Peppermint oil used a rinse can also benefit your hair or even add to your oil mix to help with itchy, dry scalp.

These are my 2 go-to oils. As I try more, be sure I will update my beauties.

Please comment and let me know any other oils you find work with this hair problem.

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