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Clear skin challenge!!

So on Friday I got this line from #beautyformulas this is their Tea tree line and I have a facial booked for couple of weeks later but I am using this full line to try to treat my #acne, #darkmarks , #largepores and #oilyskin aggressively.

I have not done this in a while because let’s be real there are so many skin care products out there who knows which one and what to do. So the lady I booked the facial with gave me some tips on how to use them so let’s see if they work for me.

Today is actually Day 2, I am supposed to be using the entire line plus a toner and a moisturiser with it 3 times per day for the first week.

My initial review on this tea tree line is that it has my skin feeling soft and supple for sure. I am enjoying the face wash, scrub and mask. My alcohol free toner from #neutrogena I have always used because it doesn’t over dry my skin, it helps with my oiliness along with my acne serum which I mentioned in the previous post.

So Saturday i did the routine 3 times however at night I used my 24karat collagen #eyecrème from #physiciansformula to help with my underbags which may be from not getting a full 8 hrs rest but still helping my eyes.

The tea tree blemish gel I will see how that works to lighten my previous acne scars

I unfortunately used a moisturiser which I don’t use because every time I use a #moisturiser I get pimples does not matter the brand, and I always use #oilfree I still get #pimples. Today was no different woke up with at least 5 pimples so of course I am using my #antiacneserum from #mariobadescu. So I will not be using moisturiser but I will continue with the rest of my skin care.

I will be updating you as I go along and lets see how this line works for me.


Later days!

This is my skin before

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