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Clear skin challenge - Beauty formulas final review

So this picture is from Sunday and as you can see my face looks the same, ignore my bags I have been working around the clock.

My face has gotten darker than it usually is but I still have the marks I don’t see them lightening. This tea tree line has made my skin feel softer that’s the truth but in terms of counteracting my acne I truly don’t see any difference. I still got acne while using these products and my skin was still oily and if I used moisturiser I got even more pimples.

So my Real Beauty rating out of 10 for someone with #extremelyoilyskin is 4 out of 10 because my skin felt softer. I will say that I have seen other persons obtaining great results with this product. But as I said I don’t think it’s for problem skin or extremely oily skin since it is a product for all skin types.

I will be reviewing my new routine soon.

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