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Clear Skin Challenge update No. 2

Day 4 update, since the #breakoutsI have been using the beauty formulas skin care line which it has my skin softer but in dealing with my breakouts I really don’t find it as effective especially the #Teatreemask for my breakouts it is not effective. So I what I did is use the cleanser & scrub but I switched out thé mask for the #esteélauder night wear detox mask plus the #mariobadescu anti acne serum which is ultimately drying out my breakouts much better.

I can safely say that this #detoxmask which is made out of clay is the one for someone like me with oily skin. So from last night and today I switched out and as you may be able to tell my pimples are drying up nicely. Although the mask from beauty formulas is also clay based.

Let’s wait and see as the days go in if I see any drastic change in my skin. But this journey has shown me so far what i should use in terms of masks and one other observation is that I should really use products only for oily skin.

The Tea tree line unfortunately is suitable for all types of skin. I will however keep at it for about 2 weeks and check for any improvement. If not I will continue on my journey with another skincare line.

Follow along for my journey.

Later days #skinjourney #claymask

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