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How I got started Part 1

I am just like everybody else.

Truthfully I started in secondary school, probably 14 or so selling chewing gums and sweeties during school. I like the idea of making my own money. My parents were like most Barbadian black parents where they said go to school, learn and get a good job. That is what they were taught so entrepreneurship was not something we discussed.

However it was there in my mind, in the back of my mind to want more. So as I said I really started at 14. At that age I felt good to make that money and save, it felt so good!!

Honestly I didn’t have to do this, my parents had done well for themselves, I came from a family that is very creative, DIY- ers being a part of my mum’s family meant being able to do things with your hands more. I had that in me as well. So I had the examples of hardworking family member, parents so the work ethic was there.

So all I had to do is do good at school, go on to college or university and get a good job, but you can’t plan for me. I make my own way!!

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