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My battle with acne

I have had acne issues since I hit puberty and it has gone on for all this time. I am in my thirties now and through out this whole time I have had periods where my skin has completely cleared up and then it goes back . I really thought when you got older i would not have this issue to deal with. But I am not so lucky and I have intensely oily skin. Plus I find my skin gets accustomed to products and it doesn’t work anymore. So this blog I will go through all the items I have tried. My goal is to get rid of my dark marks and get my skin clear again. When I leave home sometime I wear makeup sometimes I don’t.

If you are like me, comment and let me know if you have had similar problems. #oilyskin #darkmarks #realbeautyskincare #oilyskingirl #acne #acneproblems #newblog

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