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Dandruff issues

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

When I was a teenager I struggled with dandruff issues luckily I got rid of them. Recently I have been plagued with the pesky problem again.

Itchy, flaky scalp or dandruff is said to be caused by many things such as:

Stress, age, using someone else’s comb or brush, #diet, #oilyskin, #dryskin or even a yeast infection. Whatever the cause I am attacking it on all fronts.

I am currently using #headandshoulders dandruff shampoo and conditioner, then washing my hair with my normal products after.

After washing my hair I part it out and oil my scalp with natural oils and a lil #teatreeoil which has an #antibacterial properties to it. My own unique mix of oils contains tea tree because of its antiseptic properties. It is a must have!

Will give an update on how it goes to rid myself of this pesky issue. How many of you suffer with this ailment and what do you do to tackle this problem?

Comment on my post and let me know!

Later dayz!!

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