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Lotta Body Milk & Honey Elongate Me Curl Stretcher


So the hair store was out of my favourite product to use as a moisturiser for my natural hair and I had to find an alternative.

Decided to give lotta body a try with this curl stretcher.

This product is a little thicker than I would have like and I used it several times. I also didn’t like how heavy it had my hair feeling like almost limp. Yes I got a little more #curl definition but it was overshadowed with the fact my hair felt heavy, sticky and clammy. It’s too #thick

My hair felt disgusting, I thought after a few days it would have evaporated felt different like with other products but unfortunately not.

I ended up having to wash my hair.

This product is a NO for me!!

Look out for my review of other alternatives I had to try.

Later dayz!!!!

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